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Floating Candle

Put assortment of shells in bottom of a clear glass bowl or vase.

Fill with water.

Place floating candle(s) on top.

Candle in Sand

Put a candle in a clear, deep, glass bowl or vase. The diameter of the candle would depend on the size of the glass container. Pour sand around the base of the candle and add favorite pieces from your collection of seashells and other sealife.

Turn a shell into a candle

  • Seashells bivalve such as scallop or cockle or any medium sized shell with large aperture, such as murex, conch, and whelk, etc.
  • Sand or rice
  • Tea lights
  • Paraffin wax
  • Double boiler or microwave
  • Glass measuring cup

Wash and dry the shells thoroughly.

Fill a bowl with the sand or rice. Place shell on top. The sand or rice is used to stabilize the shell.

Separate the tin case from the tea light. Gently pull out the metal disk on the bottom of the tea light, removing the disk and wick together.

Place the disk in the center of the shell, with the wick standing upright.

Cut the wax into 1 cubes and place in glass measuring cup. Heat on high, for 5-6 minutes, in microwave or over medium heat in double boiler, until wax is melted.

Slowly pour melted wax into the shell and let harden.
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