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Nautical & Coastal Gifts for
Conferences - Awards - Recognition - Employee Appreciation - Events - Corporate Promotions - VIP Gifts - Weddings

Beautiful, Functional & Promotional - Celebrate your brand!

Looking for a unique gift for your guests, employees or clients?

We have some great ways of saying "Thank You!"

These are just a few of many unique and distinctive products that can be customized.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you in creating a gift that is sure to impress!


These beautiful carving and serving boards feature your choice of cleat, fish & seahorse handles!

Hand crafted in the United States to the highest standards!

Customize this collection with a name, monogram, date, compass rose, fish, boat, shell, nautical designs, yacht club burgee, logo and so much more!
Our beautiful, tumbled, Botticino marble gifts are handmade in the USA. Each tile is a unique piece of art itself. Carved from large marble blocks, no two tiles will ever be alike. Customize with one of our many designs or create your own. The possibilities are endless.
Nautical Chart Bags have been used by corporations for user conferences, events, employee appreciation gifts, VIP welcome gifts, and corporate promotions.

Include your logo and make the bags a wearable advertisement for your company.

ANY style bag and any chart is available for corporate/logo customization.
Weems & Plath gifts are always a favorite!

Originally intended to keep nautical charts flat aboard a ship, these elegant pieces offer to convey a memorable award or expression of thanks. The chart weights are offered in many versions - in either nickel or brass; all are engravable and come in a beautiful black gift box.

Give us a call for other great gift ideas from Weems & Plath!
Georgia Pacific - Boeing - Toyota - Dodge - Mutual of Omaha - Golf & Country Clubs are just a few companies that have selected Charlton Glass pieces for corporate gifts.

We enjoyed working with Georgia Pacific, designing a beautiful platter for their Board of Directors.
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