When choosing a full name monogram, please specify if you want upper and/or lower case letters.

Monogram FYI

A Traditional Three Letter Monogram This type of monogram shows 3 initials. The last name goes in the center and is larger than the other 2 names. The initial to the left represents the first name. The initial to the right represents the middle name. This monogram style can be used for both men and women. A monogram for men can also be done as it would read normally and all letters would be the same size.

A Monogram For A Couple Who Share The Same Last Name
For a couple's monogram, where the couple share the same last name, the larger initial in the middle represents the last name. The initial to the left represents the woman's first name and the initial to the right represents the man's first name.

Computer monitors may show the colors differently than they actually appear in person. The designer will choose the best color possible to compliment the item that you have chosen to have monogrammed.

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