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Large Traditional Cherry Wood Sand Pendulum

Large Traditional Cherry Wood Sand Pendulum

Item# pit-00024
Product Description
Treat yourself to an experience of relaxation as you watch the pendulum make peaceful and unique designs in the sand. This beautiful wood sand pendulum tabletop décor is the perfect way to offset the pressures of your busy day.

The Sand Pendulum is a unique and stylish accessory that makes a perfect gift!

Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 9" diameter x 23" tall
  • Color: Cherry
  • Office Credenza-Table Size

Did you know that pendulums have mesmerized mankind for centuries? Their powerful force was first discovered by ancient Chinese Dynasties in 200 B.C. and was used to predict earthquakes by detecting the smallest tremors. Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton studied their properties to keep time, explain the rotation of the earth and understand gravity.

A Pendulum has a weight, called a bob, which is suspended from a fixed pivot point so that it can swing freely. Pendulums swing in an arc determined by the distance from the point of suspension and by the amount of momentum and the force of gravity.

Start the pendulum with an initial light push and watch the pendulum swing slowly back and forth into beautiful elliptical loops and whirls. Different start angles provide different patterns. The patterns go from big to smaller then get bigger again as the arc of the pendulum changes.

Place it on a table or desk, and witness the beauty and grace of gravity and momentum at work.
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