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Mussel Wreath

Mussel Wreath
  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mussel shells
  • Purple/blue velvety ribbon
Wrap ribbon tightly around the styrofoam wreath, completely covering wreath.

Starting at outer edge and working your way around once, glue edge of mussel shells to wreath. Following rows: glue shells in-between shells of previous row. With each row you will begin to glue the shell more on the bottom than the side of shell. Continue until wreath is covered. Create a “flower” of mussel shells and place on wreath.

Spray with clear enamel/lacquer for shine.

Feel free to be inspired and add other shells to the wreath. Or glue the wreath to a circular mirror.

If you have trouble finding enough mussel shells on the beach – don’t be bashful – ask for a doggy bag of mussel shells at your favorite restaurant. Just clean them well as you would if you found them on the beach. My father made beautiful mussel wreaths and he soaked the shells in a mixture of ammonia and water for a day. Scrape each shell clean with a knife, rinse and they are all set to go.

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