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Nautilus Shell Natural Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone4

Nautilus Shell Natural Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone4

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Product Description
The artist of this beautiful collection is moving his studio. His work will be available again in the Spring of 2019.

Shell Vase Art and Sound Shell amplifier. This might be the most unique and perfect gift anywhere for someone who loves music and has an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S! This gorgeous creation combines the beauty of Beyond Jordan's porcelain Nautilus Shell Vase with the functionality of an acoustic amplifier (natural sound amplification without using electricity). A small hole is crafted into the bottom side, providing a rudimentary “docking station” to recharge your iPhone4. Your charging cord can be slipped up and through the porcelain body to connect with your iPhone4 or 4S.

The hole in the top is 3" wide by 1/2" across by 2.5" deep (the deep is just the "dock" and the device can be much taller than that).

The speakers on the device need to be in the bottom of the device, like the iPhone 4, in order to work properly.

The Shell dimensions design has a footprint 9.5″ across, 4.5″ deep and 6″ tall.

iPhone not included.

Want to see and hear it first hand? Click here for video

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