Ocean Offerings®

Care Tips For Our Rugs

With proper maintenance you can maximize the life and value of your heirloom-quality hooked rug.

How do I spot clean? Use a white terry cloth dampened with soda water. This quick reaction minimizes stain setting. Stubborn stains should be cleaned by a professional rug cleaner.

If a yarn end pops up or pulls out, what do I do?

Trim the errant yarn end with sharp scissors even with the surface of the rug.

If I spill water on my rug, what happens to the yarn and what do I do?

This is 100% wool, hand-dyed yarn. You need to quickly dab the excess water with a dry, white terry cloth to eliminate as much water as possible. Let the rug air dry. Do not over rub or it will fray the wool and weaken the color of the yarn.

What about pet stains?

Attend to them quickly. Use a white terry cloth to absorb first, then club soda and another dry terry cloth to finish the cleaning. DO NOT SOAK THE RUG. Let air dry.

Can I machine wash a hooked rug?

NO! Professional rug cleaning only.

Where can I place a hooked rug in my home?

Try to keep a hooked rug out of direct sunlight and away from excessively wet areas.

How do I regularly clean my rug?

Regular vacuuming is OK but do not use strong attachments (do not use beater bars on any hooked rug). Taking the rug outside and gently sweeping it with a straw broom is best. Some gentle home rug cleaners can be used.

How do I store my rug?

Make sure there is no dampness or extreme temperatures (that eliminates the cellar and the attic). Possibly store in a closet or under a bed. Roll them right side out in a clean sheet or pillowcase with a couple of moth balls.

My rug did get wet in storage. Help!

A clean dry white terry cloth placed on top of the damp area for a few hours will draw out the dampness and speed up drying.

Turn rugs annually, if applicable, to alternate wear patterns.