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Best Friends Turtle Necklace

Best Friends Turtle Necklace

Item# dj-BFTN
Product Description
Dune Jewelry's Best Friends Turtle Necklace celebrates the friend that always has your back (or fin), no matter where the current takes you. This sterling silver necklace can be filled with two different natural elements, whether it's sand from you and your bestie's favorite beach or a powerstone that speaks to both of you, you can get inspired and create something unique and memorable!
  • .925 sterling silver charm & necklace
  • 2 sand bezels hold up to 2 different sands or elements
  • One size fits most, lobster claw clasp, chain adjusts 16" to 20"
  • Total size of piece measures approximately 16mm x 22mm, with each teardrop shaped bezel measuring approximately 7mm x 9mm
  • Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®
  • Main photo shown is handmade with beach sand Mayflower Beach, Cape Cod, MA & Peridot
Individually handcrafted, you can customize each piece with sand, earth, or element from your favorite beach, trail, ballpark, mountaintop, golf course and more!

Each POWER STONE is crushed to enhance the spirit of the stone. Embrace the elements that inspire your journey, awaken your spirit and elevate your awareness. Express yourself with color, texture and energy.

To SELECT YOUR BEACH, SHELL, POWER STONE, FLOWER & NATURE and SPORTS & GOLF ELEMENTS please click the button below for a complete listing. Please enter the ID# and the NAME above .

  • Sand Bank: Pages 1 -46
  • Power Stones: Pages 46-47
  • Flower and Nature: Pages 47-48
  • Shell Bank: Pages 48-49
  • Sports and Golf Elements: Pages 49-50
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE YOUR OWN SAND OR ELEMENT: Please select Yes above and enter the name and location of your sand/element. We will email you a packing slip with mailing instructions. About a soda capful is all that is needed - unless you want to send more for the designer's collection.

PROCESSING YOUR SAND OR NATURAL ELEMENT BEFORE SENDING: Please adhere to all local, state and national regulations when sand or element collecting. It's VERY important that you don't remove any sand, rock, soil, shells or other elements from ANY of our protected beaches within the National Parks, Seashores or sand from Hawaii. We do not create jewelry or accessories with any illegal sand/elements.
  • Each Dune item requires about a soda cap’s worth of material. We will add to our Sandbank+Elements if sent ˝ cup or more!
  • Please adhere to any and all applicable rules & regulations when collecting
  • Sand or Element Sand & Element CANNOT contain any organic matter
  • We can only work with DRY material; top-layer Sand and Elements that are clean and free of debris.
  • We recommend suspending SAND in a glass of water, discarding anything that floats, allow to dry, then send along
  • Sand or Element should be secured in a ziploc (sandwich-size) baggie, labeled on the bag, and shipped in a bubble mailer
  • INTERNATIONAL: Please declare any Sand or Element you bring into or send to the USA
  • Flower Petals must be dried & pressed for about a week. Please send dried petals in paper towel inside zip lock bag.

  • Handmade in the USA!

    If you have any questions please email us at

Dimensions & Care
Each piece of Dune Jewelry is handcrafted & requires delicate handling. It is recommended you remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores or using abrasive cleaners.

Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant and make sure to wait for these items to dry thoroughly before wearing your Dune jewelry.

The metal portion of our jewelry can be polished with a standard polishing cloth, or gently washed with a soft brush using mild soap & warm water.

Gloss Finish: The sand filled, glossy surface can be buffed with a soft cloth and car/boat wax if slightly scratched or foggy.

Matte Finish: The sand filled, matte surface can be polished vigorously then cleaned with a soft toothbrush and mild, soapy water.
Estimated Ship Date
Usually ships in 3 weeks.
Shipping & Returns
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RETURNS: This is a custom, made-to-order item and is not eligible for return or exchange.

Please view our Return Policy for details.
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